About AuthorVisitCentral.com

We heard you!

Author Visit Central was created by a husband-wife team, Ben and Shanda McCloskey. Ben is a web developer by trade. Shanda is a traditionally published author-illustrator who loves doing school visits, but has struggled to find a SIMPLE way for schools to support her books and indie booksellers with a book sale. (And she’s not alone.)

AuthorVisitCentral is a response to the complicated, outdated methods typically used to sell books when an author visits a school (in person or virtually).

Everyone benefits when AuthorVisitCentral handles your book sale!

We support authors and illustrators by…

  • Providing a simple, streamlined (and free if enough books are ordered) book ordering process they can offer to schools and groups that they visit (in-person or virtually).
  • Providing an easy way to support the indie bookstores that we feel so passionate about protecting.
  • Facilitating more book sales (because it’s so easy on everyone).
  • Putting them into our “Find A Visitor” database so that event organizers can search for them by presentation and book topics, location, and more! - Coming soon!

We support schools by…

  • Valuing the precious time of visit organizers such as librarians, PTA members, and teachers. We ELIMINATE the legwork of contacting a bookseller to sell books for an event, designing a flier, collecting forms and money, keeping up with money for weeks, and driving to pick up book orders.
  • Giving back to the school a portion of every book sale! ($1 for every hardcover and .50 for each paperback :)
  • Providing an easy way to search and find authors/illustrators who present on specific topics for their curriculum or live nearby. - Coming soon!

We support indie bookstores by…

  • Funneling ALL SALES to the nearest indie bookseller that can fulfill the order! (NO mega internet companies or chains).

We support families by...

  • Providing a convenient online location to learn about the upcoming author visit at their child’s school and purchase books securely with a credit card. No checks or exact cash needed.
  • Helping parents to ignite a child’s zeal for reading, writing, thinking, and dreaming with a book signed by a REAL author they’ll actually meet!