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"I just wanted to share that when I sent the flyer and the link to my pre-sale, the teacher wrote back 'THIS IS PERFECT!!' That makes me so happy 🙂. I love how the school doesn't have to worry about collecting orders or handling the money themselves. Your service just makes everything easier!"
-Erin Teagan, Author


"Author Visit Central makes book sales SO easy for librarians! I can't say enough about this! It is so nice to have book sales basically taken off my already full plate! Thank you!"
-Jennifer, Media Specialist, Canton, GA


"The whole process was smooth and efficient, and I'd definitely use AVC again!"
-Jessica Vitalis, Author


"The book ordering process was so easy! All I had to do was copy and send home the forms and send an email reminder!  I did not have any questions from parents or teachers about the process, either!  I didn’t have to keep forms and count money and keep tabs with the bookkeeper and have her write a check and contact a book seller and on and on. It seemed to work great all the way around! I also feel like the amount of books purchased was comparable to the number of books ordered for past author visits."  
-Hollen Pope, Media Specialist at Ball Ground ES STEM Academy, Ball Ground, GA


"Beautiful! Us not having to deal with the money works well!" 
-Michelle, Florida Media Specialist


"I loved that I did not have to collect money, forms, and run the risk of misplacing (either by students/teachers). Thank you for making author visits so simple!" 
-Anonymous, Media Specialist

"We received the books quickly! AVC followed up with us and they donated some money from the sales to our school." 
-Amy Musone, Central York School District, York, PA

"I’ve been so impressed with Shanda and Author Visit Central! Their online ordering format make school visit book orders exceptionally easy, and I love that they support local bookstores. Even during a year with unforeseen circumstances, Shanda was always positive and professional—and went above and beyond in every situation." 
-Shelley Johannes, Author-illustrator of the Beatrice Zinker, Upside Down Thinker chapter-book series 


"As a new author, I've learned that there are a few ways to handle book sales for author visits, but Author Visit Central has streamlined the process from start to finish. I love that they use local bookstores to fulfill orders, and I appreciate each personalized flyer and the easy to use portal. I'm then able to pass on the convenience of online ordering and professionalism to my customers (librarians and educators) who have been very pleased with the whole process, including the monetary incentive for their school with each book sold. A win/win/win for indie bookstores, schools and authors! Thank you AVC!"
-Bonnie Clark, Author of Taste Your Words and Catching Thoughts


"I absolutely loved the flyer. It was so visually appealing. I sent home paper copies but also created posters from it to hang throughout the school and posted the electronic version in Canvas.  When Bonnie dropped off the books (since we are local to her), everything was so organized! I was so busy that day but still had time to send them home because all I had to do was pass them out. Anything that can save a busy librarian some time is greatly appreciated, and everything about Author Visit Central is designed with that in mind." 
-Jennifer Lewis, Librarian, Indian Knoll Elementary, Canton, GA


"This was such a great experience! Everything ran smoothly and it was so easy to distribute the books to the students!" 
-Elementary School Media Specialist, Atlanta, GA


"Very smooth, streamlined book order process - super easy!" 
-Elementary School Media Specialist, Canton, GA


"I really appreciate all the communication, and coverage of the logistics of the author visit book sale!! Wonderful and super helpful!!
-Laura Murray, Author of The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School series


"I didn't have any questions related to the book ordering process, so parents were able to navigate the process smoothly. We were pleased with the number of books purchased, and the students were extremely excited to get their books.
-Sandy, Media Specialist, Canton, GA