Author Visit Podcast!

I am so pumped to share that my friend, author Bonnie Clark, and I have embarked on a path of discovery about school visits (post pandemic) through podcasting! So... I'd like to introduce the Author Visit Podcast, dedicated to demystifying the business of school visits for authors, illustrators, educators, librarians, parents, and booksellers.

Since the pandemic, ALL of us are having to look at author visits with new eyes and new mindsets. So, no matter if you are a seasoned vet with lots of school visit experience or just starting out, I hope you'll join us on this escapade!

Our first episode is up! Let us know what you think, and what what you'd like us to talk about on the contact page of

And if you enjoy it, please rate and review us, as it will help others find us!

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Author-illustrator Shanda McCloskey and Author Bonnie Clark record their first podcast together for the Author Visit Podcast!