Episode 10: Beyond the Basic Visit

Episode 10:

Cohosts, author-illustrator Shanda McCloskey and author Bonnie Clark have a conversation with non-fiction STEM author Erin Twamley and how she approaches school visits differently!

Erin Twamley lives in Alabama, but has worked all over the world to create a new generation of Everyday STEM Superheroes. As an author and educator, her hands-on STEM encounters and nonfiction children’s books engage the next generation in protecting and creating a sustainable planet. In 2018, she established ErinEDU, an educational consulting group with a mission to cultivate curiosity and ask questions by sharing the adventures of diverse professionals in STEM Careers and six STEM Superpowers. And she just had a new environmental kids book released called: CAPTURING COW FARTS AND BURPS

You can find Erin at: 

  • Twitter: @STEMsuperheros
  • Facebook: @STEMSuperhero

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