Episode 15: Artist In Residence Programs, A Conversation With Joyce Hesselberth

Episode 15:


Bonnie and Shanda interview author-illustrator, Joyce Hesselberth, about her experience doing an artist in residence program in collaboration with a school.

Joyce Hesselberth is the author-illustrator of several artful educational books including:  Mapping Sam, Pitter Pattern, and Shape Shift. Joyce also has a brand new beautiful book out called Beatrice Was A Tree.

Fun fact: Joyce is another agency sister of mine!

Let’s get to it! … Questions we asked Joyce:

  • To start, we’d love to hear about your new book, Beatrice Was A Tree, and the inspiration behind it!
  • So I was super intrigued when you told me you were doing an artist-in-residency with a school… What exactly is that? And can you tell us about your recent experience doing it in partnership with a school?
  • What (in your opinion) does the school/students benefit from a program like this vs. a one day school visit?
  • How should artists go about pricing something like this? And who sets it up … librarian, art teacher, principal, PTA? 
  • Have you ever heard of an “author in residence” program? And what could that look like for non-artist writers?
  • Joyce, do you also offer single day visits and virtual visits? And which is your favorite?
  • Do you have any other advice for authors, illustrators, or educators about trying an artist in residence program?

Thank you SO much for chatting with us, Joyce!

Kid book review by Harvey McCloskey (11).

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