What to do if your school visit gets postponed or cancelled

Welp. It just happened to me. A local school I was going to visit next Wednesday is closing for a bit of time because of Corona virus fears. The school you're scheduled to visit could be next. Here is a Facebook post from an author and speaker I admire about how she is handling her upcoming visits:

Kate Messner's advice on when to visit schools in light of the Corona virus scares.


Kate's plan sounds good to me! I will plan to carry out all local visits that are scheduled unless the school closes or asks to reschedule.

If you have an upcoming visit that is postponed or cancelled and AuthorVisitCentral is handling the book sales here are some things we can do:

  1. We can easily extend the book ordering deadline to a later (postponed) date. Email
  2. If no orders have been placed, the book sale can be cancelled by emailing
  3. If the book sale is far along (books have shipped), let the books ship to the school and wait for the postponed event.
  4. If the event is cancelled but books were purchased, the sale must continue and the books will ship to the school as planned. We highly encourage the author to send signed bookplates by mail in this situation.

Let us know if you have any questions. We will navigate this together!


Stay well!