Episode 4: Designing Your Presentation: 3 Ingredient Recipe


Episode 4:

Aimed at authors/illustrators new to school visits, Bonnie and Shanda discuss several types of author presentations you can do and gives examples of each:

  • Book specific
  • Topic specific
  • Process specific
  • and combinations

Shanda talks about the 3-ingredient recipe that helped form her own successful author presentation, and Bonnie tells about a super fun/gross activity she's excited to try at her next presentation about speaking kind words.


Resources and books mentioned in this episode with affiliate links (that help support this podcast):

Episode 3: Where To Begin


Episode 3:

Cohosts Bonnie and Shanda, discuss WHY they do school visits, WHAT school visits might be like in the fall (predicted by librarians), and HOW to get started by thinking through a few logistics.

Resources discussed in this episode:

Thanks for joining us! Next time will dive into designing your presentation(s).

Episode 2: Amplify Black Voices with Books, Speakers, and Actions


Episode 2:

Co-hosts Bonnie and Shanda, and guest Tosha Sumner (a.k.a- T.L. Sumner) discuss racism and small ways we can begin to move forward to foster positive change and uplift black voices as librarians, teachers, educators, authors, illustrators, booksellers, parents, and people.


Books mentioned in this episode (with affiliate links that help support this podcast):

  • Just Like Me by Vanessa Brantley-Newton
  • I Love Me! by Laronda Gardner Middlemiss, illustrated by Beth Hughes
  • Brown Sugar Babe written by Charlotte Watson Sherman, illustrated by Akem


Tosha (T.L.) Sumner, Shanda McCloskey, and Bonnie Clark getting ready to record the podcast episode 2.


Episode 1: It's the Author Visit Podcast!

Episode 1:

Shanda and Bonnie introduce themselves and lay out what can be expected from the new Author Visit Podcast.

We had a great first podcast recording! Sure, we are learning this platform as we go, but all-in-all, we are super excited to start this venture with you!


Here is a list of books mentioned in this episode (and affiliate links that help support this podcast):

Author Visit Podcast!

I am so pumped to share that my friend, author Bonnie Clark, and I have embarked on a path of discovery about school visits (post pandemic) through podcasting! So... I'd like to introduce the Author Visit Podcast, dedicated to demystifying the business of school visits for authors, illustrators, educators, librarians, parents, and booksellers.

Since the pandemic, ALL of us are having to look at author visits with new eyes and new mindsets. So, no matter if you are a seasoned vet with lots of school visit experience or just starting out, I hope you'll join us on this escapade!

Our first episode is up! Let us know what you think, and what what you'd like us to talk about on the contact page of

And if you enjoy it, please rate and review us, as it will help others find us!

All my best,


Author-illustrator Shanda McCloskey and Author Bonnie Clark record their first podcast together for the Author Visit Podcast!

Virtual author visits? No problem!

We are now READY to handle book sales for your VIRTUAL school visits too! 

Now, when you create a visit book sale you'll notice a field that asks if your event will be virtual or in-person. This will determine some wording on the flier we generate and on your book sale web page. You'll need to mail signed bookplates directly to the school in the case of virtual visits.

You also now have more control over the book sale cutoff date with two choices:

  1. Two weeks prior to your event (for books to arrive at the school before your visit) OR...
  2. Two days afterward (which allows students to meet you before the last day to order but books arrive about 2 weeks after the visit). 

Another fun change to our business model is that we have implemented a buying incentive that automatically gives back to the school: $1 for every hardback purchase and .50 for every paperback! This info is stated on the flier we generate for your event.

It's going to be very interesting how school will unfold this fall, but no matter how you connect with students, we are here to make the book-selling part easy ... on everyone :)


-Shanda McCloskey
Author-illustrator and co-creator of

What to do if your school visit gets postponed or cancelled

Welp. It just happened to me. A local school I was going to visit next Wednesday is closing for a bit of time because of Corona virus fears. The school you're scheduled to visit could be next. Here is a Facebook post from an author and speaker I admire about how she is handling her upcoming visits:

Kate Messner's advice on when to visit schools in light of the Corona virus scares.


Kate's plan sounds good to me! I will plan to carry out all local visits that are scheduled unless the school closes or asks to reschedule.

If you have an upcoming visit that is postponed or cancelled and AuthorVisitCentral is handling the book sales here are some things we can do:

  1. We can easily extend the book ordering deadline to a later (postponed) date. Email
  2. If no orders have been placed, the book sale can be cancelled by emailing
  3. If the book sale is far along (books have shipped), let the books ship to the school and wait for the postponed event.
  4. If the event is cancelled but books were purchased, the sale must continue and the books will ship to the school as planned. We highly encourage the author to send signed bookplates by mail in this situation.

Let us know if you have any questions. We will navigate this together!


Stay well!



We are pumped to launch AVC! I mean, it's 2020, school visit books sales shouldn't be so complicated! So, here we are just trying to make something that helps people.

If you are an author or illustrator who does school visits, I hope you'll try us out! If you are a librarian or author visit coordinator, we would be happy to invite your upcoming visiting author to use our service. And if you are an indie bookstore that would like to join our list, contact us and we will be so happy to send business your way!

So... let's do this, together!




We're Almost Ready!

We're almost ready to launch AuthorVisitCentral for authors to use! We have been testing the service with a few authors, making tweaks, adjustments, and generally making the system itself as easy to use for authors as it is for parents to order books.

We're so excited to share it – stay tuned!